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Renewing your Firearms / Shotgun Licence

As part of our service to certificate holders, Sussex Police post renewal reminders 16 weeks in advance of the expiry date of their certificate(s).

Applications must be submitted to the Firearms Licensing Unit at least 8 weeks before expiry.

You may be required to lodge guns if your certificate is not renewed on time and will be responsible for any expense incurred.

Download the grant/renewal form

Alternatively application forms can be obtained from any police station.

Applications should be accompanied by one photo and the correct fee.

Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to The Police And Crime Commissioner For Sussex.

Current Firearms Licensing fees

Please note that Firearm/Shotgun Certificates are not required to be returned.

Firearm Renewal Only - You are required to demonstrate “Good Reason” by either completing the Land Approval Form or by providing Club records to show your regular attendance and use of ALL your firearms.

What to do if you do not wish to renew your licence.

If you do not possess any guns: Please return your Firearm/Shotgun Certificate to the Firearms Licensing Unit with a covering letter expressing your wish to cancel your certificate.

If you still possess firearms and/or shotguns you may:

  1. Sell them to a Registered Firearms Dealer.
  2. Transfer the Firearms and Ammunition to the holder of a current Firearm Certificate who is authorised to acquire that type of firearm and/or ammunition. In the case of Shotgun(s) transfer to the holder of a current Shotgun Certificate.

In either of the above circumstances both parties must notify the transfer details in writing or by email to the Chief Officer of Police who issued the certificate. Transfers must be completed before the expiry date of the certificate(s). You should then return your documentation plus certificate(s) for cancellation to the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit at following address:

Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit
Sussex Police Headquarters
Malling House
Church Lane
East Sussex