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Don't be taken in by text messages suggesting you are due a 'DVLA vehicle tax refund'

09 May, 2017 13:42 News

Police are warning residents in Sussex not to be taken in by cold callers or text messages suggesting they are due a DVLA vehicle tax refund.

One such unsuccessful attempt was made in Worthing late last month and police are aware that that there have been some similar reports elsewhere in the county recently, although there are no reports of the attempts being successful.

The Worthing resident had a text message which claimed he was owed a DVLA vehicle tax refund. The bogus link site was, which takes you to an equally bogus UK Gov looking site. This site asks for your bank details so they can refund your money direct in to that bank account.

The man is very capable and astute but even he only just managed to stop himself pressing Send with all his bank details.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said; "This is a recent variation on a well-established type of fraud across the country in which the criminals phone or text using a variety of ruses to try to make you supply bank details or withdraw cash.

"Genuine organisations, including the DVLA, will never approach you in this way. Never give personal information to unexpected callers.

"If you receive such a text, do not respond and report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 orĀ here.

"But if you or someone you know has received such a text, and are at all vulnerable, please report it to us on 101."

For further advice on responding to fraud attempts of this type see our website here.


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