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Custody service modernisation to be fit for the future

01 Nov, 2018 14:38 News
Custody service modernisation to be fit for the future

Chichester custody centre will close on November 1 as part of modernising our custody service.

With Chichester custody centre having the lowest usage of the six custody centres across Sussex it was decided in June it would be of operational benefit to maximise the use of Durrington custody centre and close the one in Chichester.

Chief Superintendent Jerry Westerman said: "The decision to close Chichester custody centre has not been taken lightly. It is being driven by a need to make the best use of resources and it is vital that that we continue to improve the efficiency of our custody centres and make Sussex fit for the future.

"The savings from closing Chichester will be reinvested into additional staff in investigations and response officers which will boost policing in the area."

Since its peak the number of detainees in Sussex has reduced by more than half in the last 10 years, with a reduction seen by forces across the country.

This significant drop is due to changes in legislation and alternative disposal options being available, such as community resolutions meaning fewer people going through the traditional custody route.


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