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Brighton man convicted of being in possession of an offensive weapon

13 Feb, 2018 16:19 News Justice Done
Brighton man convicted of being in possession of an offensive weapon

A man found in possession of this potentially lethal weapon has been convicted in court.

At about 4.05pm on Friday 22 December, police on patrol in Fleet Street, Brighton, observed two men involved in an altercation.

On closer inspection, it was discovered one of the men was in possession of a pair of nunchakus.

Special Constable (SC) Josh Howell approached the two men, and ordered the suspect to drop his weapon, which he initially failed to do.

He was supported by Police Constable (PC) Mark Fox who deployed his canine counterpart, Police Dog (PD) Max.

At this point the suspect became immediately compliant, and was arrested and charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

He was identified as William Gunn, 26, unemployed, of Fleet Street, Brighton.

PC Fox explained: “While on patrol, we saw two men having a very heated verbal altercation with one another in the street. On pulling up to speak with them, we noticed one of the men had a set of nunchakus in his hands.

“Concerned for the safety of the public, I ran to the back of my van to deploy PD Max. I obtained control of the suspect with PD Max, using verbal commands only, and gained immediate compliance.

“SC Howell then moved forward and handcuffed him, before making the arrest for being in possession of an offensive weapon.

“This is a weapon which, if in the wrong hands, could be potentially lethal. There is no place on the streets of Sussex for items such as this, and anyone caught in possession of an offensive weapon will be dealt with robustly.”

At Lewes Crown Court on Thursday 8 February, Gunn pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for 24 months. He was also ordered to pay £250 costs and a £140 victim surcharge.

Following his conviction, the weapon was destroyed.


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