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In September 2017 we invited People’s Voice to respond to a survey around Counter Terrorism.

The survey results, as usual, were very helpful in terms of giving Sussex residents’ perceptions. As policing goes through continuous change, these invaluable insights inform our plans to consider and reflect public expectations.

We asked:

• How aware respondents were of national campaigns such as “Run Hide Tell”. We found that the majority of respondents were aware of this campaign and agreed that the message was clear.

• Whether respondents recall seeing any increased police activity in Sussex in response to recent UK terrorist attacks, and how this may have made them feel. Around a quarter of respondents did recall seeing this increased activity, and around half of the sample were reassured, with a similar proportion feeling safer as a consequence of the activity.

• How confident respondents feel around Sussex Police’s ability to deal with these issues. Half of the sample did feel confident (with a further third feeling neutral on the subject). Respondents also explained that their confidence was influenced by factors beyond the direct control of the Force.

The views expressed will be reported back to the national counter-terrorist policing network for consideration in planning further public advice. They will also be taken into account in our local work.

Read the December 2017 summary here.