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In January 2018 we received over 88 separate submissions via Your Voice Counts.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to contact us, it is much appreciated.

Everyone who submitted feedback will have had an acknowledgement from us, and many will have also had a more substantial reply, once the appropriate colleagues have had an opportunity to consider the contents of their message and respond.

Happily, we had 21 messages of thanks and appreciation. You can read these here.

You also made a number of suggestions to us, which we always welcome and will look at with interest.

Received this month:

  • Locations which may benefit from speed enforcement and anti-social behaviour prevention activities.

This suggestion has been sent for the consideration of the appropriate officers and staff.

We also had some questions posed to us. Many of these are requesting updates or clarifications on specific incidents. We have provided updates to all respondents. More generally this month we were asked:

  • Why do the lights on our vehicles need to be so bright? Our vehicles are fitted with national standard lux rated lighting, which is not adjustable. We do need to ensure that all emergency vehicles are as conspicuous as possible when they need to be.

Finally, 50 messages were submitted where you were unhappy after an experience or unimpressed by something that you saw or read about us. We are always very sorry to hear that people have been left feeling this way. We take all such criticism very seriously and will strive to do better in future.