Report online or call us on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.

Accessible contact methods

How to get in touch with Sussex Police if you have a hearing or speech impairment.

Emergency contact for people with hearing or speech impairment


If you have speech or communication difficulties, registering for a Pegasus card could help you in an emergency. Find out more here.


Emergency Text Service - 65999

We provide a mobile phone Text Service for deaf people and speech impaired people and those who cannot use a voice telephone.

IMPORTANT: Also try other ways to contact us when you use the Emergency Text Service as text messages are not guaranteed to arrive quickly. Due to the nature of SMS texts, there is a possibility that we may not receive your message immediately.

When you send a text to the 65999 number you should:

  • Say whether the emergency service required is 'police', 'fire', 'ambulance' or 'coastguard' by typing the relevant word.
  • Type details of the nature of the emergency.
  • Type the exact location of the emergency.
  • Send the message to 65999.

The message is then sent to Sussex Police Control, who deal with the request on behalf of the emergency services. As soon as they receive the text, Police Control reply to confirm that they've received the message and may ask more questions.


Typetalk Emergency Line - 18000

If you have a textphone (which is like a standard telephone but with a keyboard and a display) you can use our Typetalk service.

Use the 18000 number to contact us with your message.


Non-emergency contact for people with hearing or speech impairment

Textphone 18001 101
Minicom 01273 483435 (Please ensure you include the area code. This is a text only service)
Text 07786 208090