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Number of trailers
Motorcycles cannot:

  • draw more than 1 trailer,
  • carry any passengers in the trailer (unless it is towing a broken down motorcycle),
  • draw a trailer with an unladen weight exceeding 254 kg (unless it is towing a broken down motorcycle).

Motor bicycles (two wheeled motorcycles) without a sidecar
If it doesn't exceed 125cc:

  • it cannot tow any trailer (unless it is towing a broken down motorcycle).

If it exceeds 125cc (the following provisions don't apply if it is towing a broken down motorcycle):

  • it cannot tow a trailer exceeding 1 m in overall width,
  • the distance between the rear axle of the motor cycle and the rearmost part of the trailer does not exceed 2.5 m,
  • the motor cycle must be clearly marked with its kerbside weight,
  • the trailer must be clearly marked with its unladen weight; and
  • the laden weight of the trailer must not exceed 150 kg or two thirds of the kerbside weight of the motor cycle, whichever is the less.

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