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If you are involved in a terrorist incident, the main advice to remember is 'run, hide and tell.'

  • RUN -
  • Only if this is possible, do not put yourself in further danger.
  • Insist that others leave with you
  • Leave your belongings behind
  • Consider the safest route - is there a safe route?

  • HIDE -
  • If you cannot run, find cover from gunfire (e.g. behind substantial brick work)
  • Make sure the attacker cannot see or hear you - put your phone on silent and turn vibrate off
  • Be aware of your exits and try not to get trapped
  • Barricade yourself in and keep away from the door

  • TELL -
  • call 999 as soon as you get the chance
  • If you cannot speak, follow the call taker's instructions
  • Give any relevant information - location, description of attackers, casualties

The National Counter Terrorism Security Officer (NaCTSO) provides further guidance, please see related information for a link to this.

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