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A birth must be registered within 42 days of the birth. It can be done at the local register office or sometimes at the hospital. If the parents are married then either parent can register the birth. If the parents are not married then it depends on the situation.

If the father's details are to be registered then both parents can attend to register the birth. If the father can't attend he can make a statutory declaration, if the mother can't attend she can sign a statutory declaration which the father can give to the registrar.

If the father's details are not to be registered at the time they can be added at a later date.

Deaths must be registered within 5 days of the death. A copy of the death certificate must be taken along to the register office. If the coroner has any involvement in the death then the death cannot be registered until the coroner has completed his investigation.

A marriage in England and Wales can be performed in a place that is approved for civil ceremonies, a register office, Anglican church or any other place of religious worship that is registered for the solemnisation of marriage.

The marriage certificate will be given after the ceremony.

For any further details please contact your local register office or the General Register Office.
To find your local register officer or contact the General Register Officer, see the links in related information.

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