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Through our frequently asked questions section we aim to help you find the answers you need without having to call us to ask for information. We've provided answers to questions on a range of topics which are regularly asked of police forces up and down the country.

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If the vendor informed you that the perfume was Chanel, sold it to you as an original and you paid a reasonable price - so as to make you believe it was genuine - then you should contact your local Trading Standards department. They will take up the complaint on your behalf. Although the vendor could be said to have obtained your money by fraud, Trading Standards are the best people to deal with these matters.

This principle applies to most consumer purchases and therefore these factors can be considered when purchasing many products.

It is worth buying such products from reputable stores to avoid potentially harmful counterfeit products. To find your local Trading Standards office and to find out if a company/brand is genuine, please see the websites in related information.

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