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Under the legislation there is exempt hunting which would allow you to kill the fox as long as the conditions within the Act are complied with.

The conditions are that: -

  • The stalking or flushing out is undertaken to prevent the wild mammal causing serious damage to livestock, crops, games birds, wild birds, food for livestock, growing timber, fisheries, to other property or to the biological diversity of an area.
  • The stalking or flushing out takes places on land which belongs to the person doing the flushing or stalking or he has been given permission by the owner to use it for that purpose
  • The stalking or flushing does not involve the use of more than two dogs underground
  • As soon as is possible reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the wild mammal being stalked or flushed is shot dead by a competent person and that each of the dogs used is kept under close control so as not to prevent the shooting of the wild mammal.

For the full Act see the website in related information.

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