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If you believe that you are going to be taken abroad to be forced into a marriage, consider the following, avoid taking the trip if you can and if you cannot then you should contact the police. They will assist with safeguarding measures, the application of a forced marriage protection order, will remove you from an immediate dangerous situation, and protect you in the future.

If you are not able to or it is not safe to contact the police, you should contact a friend you can trust and inform them to contact the police on your behalf and give them the following details : -

  • the airport you are travelling from and to,
  • details of the flight,
  • who you are travelling with,
  • the address of where you are visiting, the relationship of the person you will be visiting,
  • try and keep a mobile discreetly with international coverage, try and keep some money for yourself to use in an emergency,
  • if you have dual nationality, travel on the British passport,
  • details of family or friends in the country who will know exactly where you are going to, how long for, and for what reason,
  • once you have arrived in the foreign country, keep yourself informed as to where you are being taken too, who you are visiting etc,
  • try and keep hold of your personal documents, passport, ticket etc.

These are a few things to consider when you are or fear you going to be taken abroad and forced into marriage. A Forced Marriage Protection Order can assist with repatriation of a victim that has been taken abroad against their will back to the UK. For further help and information, please see the websites in related information. There is a link to the 'Help for Victims' website and a Youtube guide of how the website works.

Useful Numbers

UK Asian Women's Centre Tel: 0121 523 4910

Bharosa Asian Women's Help Line Tel: 0121 303 0368

Birmingham/Solihull Women's Aid Helpline and Refuge referrals Tel: 0800 0732606

Women's Aide National help line Tel: 0808 2000 247

Jyoti Ashram Housing Department for Asian women Tel: 0845 1306110

The Forced Marriage Unit Tel: 020 7008 0151

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