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There are various different types of smoke alarm. Smoke alarms are widely available and can cost as little as £5. The cost of a smoke alarm varies on the type of detection it uses.


  • These types of smoke alarms detect free burning flames such as chip pan fires.
  • They detect the smoke before it gets thick.
  • Cost from under £5
  • Availability - can be found in most supermarkets and DIY stores


  • These are more sensitive and will detect slow burning fires
  • Less likely to go off whilst you are cooking
  • Cost from £15
  • Availability - can be found in DIY and electrical stores


  • These detect both free burning flames and slow burning fires
  • Cost from £5
  • Availability - can be found in DIY and electrical stores

Some fire services offer free smoke alarms to the elderly and vulnerable, contact your local fire station for more details.

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