Report online or call us on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.

Plans are drawn up and tested in order to provide an effective and timely multi-agency response from SRF members and other organisations.

  • The Sussex Emergency Response and Recovery Document details the roles and responsibilities during a major incident or significant event and the highlights the importance of a robust recovery phase.
  • The Mass Casualties Plan sets out actions if an emergency results in excessively high patient numbers. The Mass Fatalities Plan sets out how to provide emergency mortuary facilities in the event of a mass fatality incident, pandemic or similar event.
  • The Resilient Communications Plan covers the inter-agency arrangements that enable organisations to communicate when normal telecommunication provision is unavailable.
  • The Sussex Major Maritime Emergency Plan provides a generic integrated emergency management response between organisations that provide a declared or additional search and rescue service to deal with major maritime incidents.
  • The Recovery Plan sets out the recovery structure which would be used to co-ordinate efforts to help affected communities to recover and establish a new normality following a major emergency.
  • The Off-Site Plan for Reservoir Emergencies plan details where registered reservoirs are situated, the located of inundation maps showing flood extent, depth and speed, and roles and responsibilities of responders dealing with off-site consequences.
  • The COMAH Off-site Emergency Plan for Gatwick Airport Storage and Hydrant Company Limited Fuel Farm, Gatwick Airport sets out actions in the event of a major accident (spill or fire) that has an impact or a potential impact on the surrounding environment.
  • The Animal Diseases plan describes the inter-agency arrangements for outbreaks of notifiable animal diseases, including the connections between the national and local response.
  • The Major Accident Hazard Pipelines Plan sets out actions in connection with emergencies involving underground pipelines which carry gas under high pressure.
  • The Sussex Resilience Forum Gridlock Plan details the roles and responsibilities in a gridlock situation on the strategic road network and the important road network within Sussex.