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Preparing for an emergency - Sussex Resilience Forum



The Sussex Resilience Forum (SRF) is a multi-agency organisation whose members have statutory responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, to work together to prepare, respond to and recover from different emergencies.

In order to constitute an emergency, an event or situation must additionally require the implementation of special arrangements by one or more members of the Sussex Resilience Forum.

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The Sussex Resilience Forum consists of members from the Emergency Services, National Health Service / Public Health England, Local Authorities, Environment Agency and Military and other government representatives, with comprehensive support from the Voluntary Sector coming together with the principle aim of ‘Making Sussex a Safer Place’


The SRF Executive Committee meets tri-annually to discuss SRF activities and set the strategic direction. 

Preparing for emergencies is part of the day-to-day job. This involves:

  • Risk assessments to assess the type of hazards that might affect Sussex.
  • Preparing plans to address different types of emergencies.
  • Training and exercises to test the plans and keep staff up to date.

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