Report online or call us on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.

If you think someone has gone missing, please make sure that you have tried contacting them in any way you can, including checking with friends, relatives and at places they are likely to visit.

If you have done this and are still worried about them, please contact us straight away – you do not need to wait 24 hours.

Reporting a Person as Missing

You can contact us to report someone as missing:

Remember to always call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

Reporting someone as missing can be an upsetting experience.

We will ask you a series of questions to find out more information about the missing person and the events that led to them going missing. Depending on the circumstances of the person going missing, a police officer will visit you to obtain further information to assist us in looking for them.

The UK Missing Persons Bureau is part of the National Crime Agency and is the UK national and international point of contact for all missing person investigations. They provide factsheets for families of missing persons to help answers questions that may arise during a police investigation. They also hold a database of unidentified body cases in the hope that members of the public can assist in establish their identities.

Missing People specialises in and is dedicated to bringing missing people back together with their families. They provide a 24 hour helpline for people who are missing who require support reconnecting with their families. The helpline is available by dialling 116 000. The helpline also provides emotional support to families of a missing person. Their website provides details of missing persons and the charity undertake regular national and local publicity of all their cases.

Child Rescue Alert - if your child went missing wouldn’t you want the world to stop and look for them? A Child Rescue Alert is activated when a child is known to have been abducted or their life is believed to be at immediate risk. Every second counts and your support is vital. Register here now

Tracing Lost Family Members

Unfortunately, Sussex Police are not able to assist those who have lost touch with a family member. However, there are several organisations that may be able to assist:

Missing People Lost Contact Tracing Service

The British Red Cross International Tracing and Message Service

The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service