Report online or call us on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.

What is a hate crime?

It’s when a person is treated with hate just for who they are – e.g. for their sexuality, gender identity, disability, race, faith, or gypsy heritage.

Anyone could be a victim of hate. For example, if someone shouts homophobic abuse at you, you are still the victim of homophobic hate, whatever your sexual orientation.


When is hate serious enough to report?

If you are insulted? Offended? Scared? Threatened? Shoved? Attacked?

All of the above. If it happens, it’s serious enough.


Why should people report hate?

Because earlier interventions can prevent escalation to violence.

Nothing is too small to report - it all helps to build up a better picture of the problem of hate in our communities.


What will the police do?

We will maintain a proactive and effective response to tackling and preventing hate, ensuring that perpetrators are held to account and prosecuted where appropriate.

Not every victim wants us to take their case – evidence allowing – to court, and you don’t have to.

Community Resolution or Restorative Justice offers victims the opportunity to propose outcomes that the perpetrator will be asked to comply with for the matter to be resolved out of court.

It is important that you tell someone if you have been the victim of a hate. You can report to us or if you'd rather not tell us directly you can do so to a third party via the following links:

East Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council

Brighton and Hove City Council

True Vision

Victim Support

Report Racism - Gypsy, Roma, Traveller

This Crown Prosecution Service leaflet provides further information about hate crime.

Additional information can also be found in this Crown Prosecution Service leaflet for victims and witnesses.

The Safe Space Sussex website has been set up by the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner to help local citizens deal with the before and after effects of crime.