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Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (CSODS)

The aim of the scheme is to provide parents and guardians with information that will enable them to better safeguard their children.

You may have heard the scheme referred to as ‘Sarah’s Law’.

Under the scheme, a parent, guardian or other interested party (e.g. a grandparent) can make an application to the police to check whether someone, who has access to their children, has a record of committing child sexual offences.

If they are found to have convictions for sexual offences against children, or pose a risk of causing serious harm to a child, then this information may be disclosed to the applicant.

CSODS Application

You can make an application under the scheme in the following ways:

Please call 999 if there is an immediate risk to a child.

You will initially be asked to provide information about yourself and the person who you believe is a risk to your child.

If your application meets the scheme criteria, a face to face visit will be held with you by an officer and more information will be obtained. Relevant research will then be conducted on the person of interest; if information is found a decision will be made whether disclosure of this is required to safeguard any children involved.

Any disclosed information must be treated as confidential and applicants cannot share this information with anyone else.

When considering a disclosure, all relevant persons will be informed.

Further Information

The website provides further information about the scheme and the process that police forces follow.

The NSPCC provides factsheets on how the scheme works on their website. Download them here.