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National Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation, set up to support existing Pubwatch schemes and encourage the creation of new schemes.

An individual Pubwatch scheme is a partnership where licensees unify in a local area as an independent group to pre-empt crime and anti-social behaviour in licensed premises. Pubwatch schemes will often work in connection with public safety campaigns and alcohol awareness initiatives. Customers are informed of the operating Pubwatch scheme by posters and window stickers.

Pubwatch Objectives

  • To tackle and prevent anti-social behaviour through effective communication and the prompt reporting of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
  • To promote a sense of security for customer and staff.
  • To improve improved licensee liaison by providing effective communications between members through two-way radios and dedicated online services such as PubwatchOnline.

Starting a Pubwatch Scheme

Licensees who would like to set up a new Pubwatch scheme must contact the main advisory organisation National Pubwatch.

If you’d like to set up a new scheme there are two routes open to you:

As a member of the night time economy you would benefit from being part of a community of businesses working together in partnership, to help reduce crime. Most BCRPs will have a scheme devoted to the night time economy and will have effective information sharing agreements with key partners including the Police already in place.

Note: Sussex Police only recognises schemes set up in accordance with National Pubwatch guidelines and where a specific Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) has been agreed between an individual Pubwatch scheme and Sussex Police.