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It is widely understood that nationally a minimum of 15 per cent of all crime is related to businesses.

In Sussex, following the adoption of a national definition for business crime, steps have been taken to enable greater transparency for reporting and recognising those crimes that affect businesses.

The definition of Business Crime, endorsed by the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the National Business Crime Forum, can be defined as:

‘any criminal offence that is committed against a person or property which is associated by the connection of that person or property to a business.’

This will also include circumstances, based on the perception of the victim at the time of reporting of the offence, that it is a business related crime.

Sussex Police launched a Business Crime Strategy in 2014 which seeks to improve both our response and capability to work in partnership with local businesses to prevent and detect crime.

A key first step was to enable business crimes to be flagged and identified in accordance with the national definition, which identified that approximately 20 per cent of all crime in Sussex is related to a business.

These pages are designed to offer information for businesses both large and small to assist them in preventing crime and protecting their staff and goods.

Key alliances include the Business Crime Reduction Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts operating in Sussex. These have recently been complemented by the Home Office funded Retail Crime Project piloting Business Wardens and electronic crime reporting for businesses.

The National Business Crime Centre is a key resource created in 2017 for police and businesses to learn, share and support each other to prevent and tackle crime.

The site contains useful information covering advice and case studies that will help you and your business address crimes that could affect your staff and business interests. You can also subscribe to be the first to hear about latest developments from the NBCC.

Sussex Police lead for Business Crime is Chris Neilson.

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