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Equality and Diversity - religion and belief

"I have taken on the role of faith patron because I clearly see the potential of working with faith communities in Sussex. They play an important role in building stronger and safer communities; helping to reduce crime, and support the vulnerable with projects such as street patrols in our town centres. I look forward to leading Sussex Police's engagement with all faith groups, and in working alongside these groups to improve our service to all during these challenging times for policing."

Detective Chief Superintendent Nick May, Equality Patron for Faith Equality work in Sussex Police, who works alongside Equality Champions for the major faith strands: Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh; Christian; Jewish; Muslim. We also have an Interfaith Champion.


  • To provide support to faith and belief communities in accessing policing services. Work with individuals, community groups and related agencies to identify where there may be challenges in accessing policing services and establish solutions.
  • To improve trust and confidence within faith communities to increase reporting of hate and other crimes. Engaging effectively to improve trust and confidence in reporting crimes, and providing support and awareness training to local officers who have a responsibility to develop joint working initiatives with local people and partners.

Our work in this area

As a public service:

Priority areas in service delivery for faith equality include community engagement, community tensions, and awareness of hate crime reporting. Gaining insight on public experiences is central to developing our approach.

A key part of this work involves engaging with people in our communities and regular consultation with our *Multi Faith External Reference Group (ERG).

*If you would like to help Sussex police improve its service by becoming a member of the Multi Faith ERG, please email us:

As an employer:

For internal consultation, we have an organisational Interfaith Forum to assist with progressing our priorities. This includes identifying any gaps in policy and procedure regarding faith, belief or lack thereof.

*If you work for Sussex Police and would like to become a member of the Organisational Interfaith Forum, please email us at: