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Important Information for those travelling to countries that may require Subject Access or Police Certificates

Individuals requiring Police Certificates for the purpose of emigration applications, visas or residency for a number of countries including, but not limited to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States of America can apply directly through the ACRO Criminal Records Office website.  It is your responsibility to confirm with the relevant Embassy, High Commission or requesting authority that a Police Certificate will be acceptable.

Please note that this Certificate is processed entirely by ACRO and applications should not be returned to Sussex Police. All submissions and enquiries relating to this process should be directed to ACRO, who can be contacted as follows:

Subject Access Checks for the Purposes of Employment

Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 states that a 'data subject' (the person about whom the personal data refers) is entitled, upon written request, to be informed whether or not personal data is held or processed about them. This service should not be used as a pre-employment vetting service or for any other purpose connected with employment.

Applicants wishing to apply for subject access as a condition of employment should now use the disclosure service offered by Disclosure Scotland. 

Disclosure Scotland offer a basic disclosure service both online (subject to certain conditions) or by post. They will provide details of convictions held in central police records which are unspent according to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or will state that there are no such convictions and is suitable for the purpose of employment.

Full details of the services they offer can be obtained from:

Please be aware that Disclosure Scotland are not connected to Sussex Police in any way and as a result we are unable to accept applications on their behalf or offer advice on the services they provide.

For any other requests, use the Local Subject Access Request Form. Local requests are made when people want to find out what information Sussex Police holds on them. For example if you were involved in an incident or were a victim of crime the local form will allow you to specify what information you would like. If you would like to find out what information Sussex Police holds on you please use the form under Useful Documents at the top of this page.

Please note that you can use both of these types of request as part of one single request. If you wish to do so please fill in a LOCAL form and indicate at the top that you would like a PNC disclosure.

How to obtain a form
You can obtain a form in the following ways:

Once you have completed the form you should do one of the following:

  • Return the form to a Sussex Police Station front office along with the required documents and fee. The front office staff will check your identification and address, take the fee and retain the form. These forms are then sent to the Data Protection Unit at headquarters via internal post.
  • Send the completed form, documents and fee to the address above. Once the form has been received and the documents checked, your identification and proof of address will be sent back to you via return of post along with a letter confirming receipt.
  • Photocopies of each of the following will be accepted as proof of identification: passport, driving licence, birth certificate, NHS medical card or any other item that can confirm your full name, date of birth and current address.
  • Proof of address should be a vehicle registration document, household utility bill, bank or credit card statement or any other official document with your name and address on it.

A standard fee of £10 will be made for each person’s application. This fee applies to ALL requests and can only be waived on application to the force Data Protection Officer. A reasonable time period must have elapsed before further requests can be made, and an additional fee of £10 will be charged for each subsequent request made. Please note that these fees apply only to individuals requesting information about themselves (information requested under other sections within the act may be subject to different fee rates).

Cheques should be made out to Sussex Police. Police Station front offices will accept cash but it is not advisable to send cash through the post. Postal orders will also be accepted for £10 sterling.

What happens next
The completed disclosure will be sent to you directly by Sussex Police along with a covering letter within the time limit.  If your request is incomplete, or your documents are incorrect, your application will be returned to you via post with a covering letter explaining what you need to do.

How long will it take?
All requests will be processed within the 40 day time limit set out in the Data Protection Act. There is no priority service, all applications are processed in the order they are received. The 40 day limit starts from the date your application is received by the force (the date will be on the receipt you are given). If you are seeking a disclosure for employment or immigration purposes please ensure you allow yourself enough time for the 40 day limit.

If you have not received your request and it is less than 40 days since you made your request PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE DATA PROTECTION UNIT. Applications cannot be hurried through the process.

What to do if 40 days have passed and you have not received your application?
Ensure that 40 days has passed since you submitted your application. Contact the Data Protection Unit within one month of the 40 day limit. A duplicate copy will then be sent to your address.