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Code of Corporate Governance

The Policing Protocol Order 2011 sets out how the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable of Sussex Police will carry out their functions in relation to each other.

The Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable work within the governance framework as set out in the following key documents:

· Code of Corporate Governance
· Scheme of Delegation for PCCs and CCs
· Memorandum of Understanding
· Decision-making Framework
· Financial Regulations
· Contract Standing Orders
· Stage 2 Scheme of Transfer
· Fees and Charges for the Supply of Goods & Services 2016 -2017
· Surrey Sussex Police Finance Protocol for Collaborated Services

Wherever possible, these align with our key partners – Surrey Police and the Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner - whilst respecting the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, which provides that chief constables and police & crime commissioners are Corporations Sole.

For further details please visit the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner's website.


Public Service Obligations 2017

Sussex Police have a range of specific statutory duties that we are obliged to deliver to victims, witnesses and the wider Community. We have collated all of these duties and obligations into one document – the Public Service Statutory Obligations for Sussex Police.

We will keep this updated and publish the live version on this page.

Download the Public Service Obligations document

This means that all who have a right to these services, and those who hold us to account to deliver on our duties, can see all our public service obligations at a glance. We would welcome feedback on any aspect of our delivery on these duties via our feedback facility Your Voice Counts.