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RT @SarahByrt: @SgtPeterAllan @sussex_police Good stuff and our charity's free #SelfEvidentApp can give victims & witnesses more confidenceā€¦ 19/12/2014 14:29:45

RT @SgtPeterAllan: @SarahByrt @sussex_police We have no targets in relation to #hatecrime other than to increase reporting and improve servā€¦ 19/12/2014 14:29:35

Paintball guns stolen in burglary: A number of paintball style gun have been stolen from a garag... #sussexpolice 19/12/2014 14:29:34

Do you recognise this woman?: Do you recognise this woman? Police want to speak to her over a s... #sussexpolice 19/12/2014 14:29:34

Wealden Pubwatch message to festive drinkers: Those seeking their festive fun in the pubs and cl... #sussexpolice 19/12/2014 14:29:34

Boy caught shoplifting in Hailsham gives birthday money to charity as penance: An 11-year-old wh... #sussexpolice 19/12/2014 14:29:34

@TJohns85 @SCConnor Mystery solved - an S read as a 5! Sorry @SC_S2719 19/12/2014 14:26:34

.@SC_S2719 Pete Jennings tweets about call handling for @sussex_police 19/12/2014 14:25:36

@TJohns85 @SCConnor Doesn't look like it does it?! We'll take another look. 19/12/2014 14:22:25

@AshleyPriceGP Not Christmas specific I'm afraid, but you can find all the posters at 19/12/2014 14:15:30

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Friday December 19