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@billywizz74 Please can you report this through .Thank you 26/05/2015 08:54:09

@going_to_mel Hello. Please can you contact 101 to discuss this further. Thank you 26/05/2015 08:44:29

@NatalieLBishop You can report drink drivers to us on 999 (if in progress) or 101 if you have info. This account not monitored 24 hrs (yet). 26/05/2015 07:52:23

Did you see a collision near the junction with Friday Street in #Eastbourne on Saturday? 26/05/2015 07:28:31

@scameron93 you are very welcome :-) 26/05/2015 07:03:52

@j_de_landtsheer has this also been reported to us? 26/05/2015 07:01:45

@Jamie_Lashmar sorry Jamie. Will need a little more info than that. Where is pacas? 26/05/2015 07:00:15

Hove man sentenced to nine years for sex offences against young boy - 22/05/2015 15:27:48

.@RayChubsyWeale Well-trained people working with local teams rather than at remote offices. Increased liaison with other interested people. 22/05/2015 13:21:13

.@Sussexpcc External communications and engagement programme launched in March. Feedback encouraged #SusPolScrutiny 22/05/2015 13:11:12

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