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Sussex has ambitious plans for working with Surrey for which we have been commended by HM Inspectorate #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:30:56

HM Inspectorate said we face a difficult financial challenge but commends our good track record #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:30:27

Sussex already spends less per head of population than most other forces #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:28:49

Sussex rated good by HM Inspectorate re efficiency, affordability and future savings plans #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:26:42

In the next year nearly 300 frontline staff will have enhanced training to deal with growing volume of cyber crime reported #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:22:34

Sussex and Surrey Police will create one of the first force cyber crime units in the country #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:20:55

Proportion of Sussex officers and PCSOs in visible roles has increased #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:20:17

Resources are being prioritised to bolster the police response, which is monitored daily #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:16:14

Response times to grade 1 calls within 15 minutes have increased to 76% #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:13:56

Prisoners at Ford are being warned one mistake and they've blown their chance of open prison #SusPolScrutiny 25/07/2014 13:09:55

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Friday July 25

This section holds our current Force policies. These are the principles, rules and guidelines that determine how we run as a force and make decisions on a day to day basis.

If there is a clear need to take different action operationally then these policies are not binding, as long as the decision to go against the policy is justified.

Email if you would like a copy of any procedures and appendices mentioned in the policies.