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If you have knife/bladed weapon to surrender take it to a police station or call 101 for advice. Put in box or wrap safely. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 11:13:50

Fraud investigation launched after a pensioner in #Pagham pensioner pays £3,000 for work not carried out 31/07/2015 11:09:47

More than half of recorded violent crimes do not involve injury. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 11:05:39

We’ve worked hard to improve our recording. That’s led to increases in recorded crime. Sussex is not a more dangerous place. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 11:04:03

NHS must now share information on victims of FGM and we are working closely with other partners for info/intelligence. #suspolscrutiny 31/07/2015 11:01:02

Police officers at Gatwick trained to spot signs of people travelling abroad to prevent FGM occurring. It's Op Limelight. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 10:56:04

Female genital mutilation (or cutting) is illegal. It is child abuse. Visit for more information. #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 10:54:20

We're working with Gatwick and charities to protect vulnerable children from FGM (female genital mutilation or cutting). #SusPolScrutiny 31/07/2015 10:52:27

@rebikins we of course can deal with aggressive behaviour. Noise complaints are dealt w/ by councils. More info here: 31/07/2015 10:52:17

@Darrensantoro local councils are responsible for noise complaints. You can find out more here: 31/07/2015 10:50:44

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Friday July 31

You should always call 999 immediately if:

  • A crime is being committed now
  • The offender is still there or nearby
  • People are injured, being threatened or in danger.

Details of emergency contact information for people with a hearing or speech impairment can be found here.

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